You Are What You Think


Episode 73

“The mind is a creature of habit. It thrives upon the dominating thoughts fed it.” - Napoleon Hill

This quote describes the very basic premise to any level of success, in any field or career…it all starts with how you think. Complex problems, when broken down, always stem from fundamentals that are neglected.  How you think is one of life’s fundamentals that you can’t afford to neglect.  Your thoughts are more powerful than you think.  Your thoughts impact you more than you realize.  Your thoughts can be one of your greatest assets or your worst adversary.  I say this, not because of the vast studies conducted confirming it, but because of my own experience. 

I have sabotaged myself more times than I can count, due to my mindset.  Recently, I was sharing one of my “a-ha” moments about when I set three goals in my senior year of high school for cross country.  I achieved all three of my goals that year and learned the power of feeding my mind. Everyday, as I trained, my only thoughts were about accomplishing these three goals.  One of those goals was to compete at the state meet, which I did, but I did not believe I could medal at the state meet.  Guess what kind of race I ran at the state meet?  It was nothing worth writing home about.  My race at that meet was a direct reflection of my thoughts heading into it. I was happy to be there but didn’t believe I could compete. I was not living to my potential because my thinking was not about testing my limits.


How is your thinking? If thoughts become things, then what are your “things” telling you about your thoughts?  What you think about the most is what your mind dwells on. What your mind dwells on is on what drives your actions. Your actions over time lead to your habits. Your habits become your character and your circumstances.  It has taken me more than half of my life to finally “get it.” Your mind is critical to your success

What do you need to change in your thinking habits today, right now to put you on course for the life and success you long for? How can I help you?


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