You Are Valuable


“You are more valuable than you realize.” - Dennis LaRue

This week’s quote comes from one of my own recent journal entries:  “You are more valuable than you realize.” 

So often we see the value in other people. We see their gifts and talents. We recognize their strengths and abilities. We see things so clearly when looking at others. It’s obvious to us how valuable someone is. It surprises us when we take the time to tell them how valuable we think they are and they practically go into shock!  When we share what we observe or what we know about them, they respond as if we are completely off base.  Have you experienced this type of incredulous reactions from others?

I have.

My question to you is, when someone has shared what they think makes you so valuable, have you responded to them as if they were crazy?

I have.

Why do we do this?  Why are we so overcome when someone tells us what they see is a strength and we are surprised by it?  Deep down, I suspect we know what the person said was true.  I suspect we have heard the same statement before – maybe, many times. Yet, we are overwhelmed.  Why do we do this?  Because we lack belief and confidence in ourselves.  We are sitting on a gold mine of opportunity with which to impact people. We are hiding our true value deep within our minds – preventing ourselves from becoming our very best version of who we are, because we fail to embrace it.


What would happen if you started acting on the belief that you are more valuable than you realize?  What would you be doing? Who would you contact right now,  to make an impact?  You see, there are people in this world waiting for you to embrace who you are and to tap into your gifts and strengths, in order to impact their lives.

When will you stop being overwhelmed by what others see in you and start believing in yourself?  What others are saying to you is confirming what you know deep down. 

It’s time for you to be great. This is your moment.  What will you do?


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