Winning the Game


"Every game is won before the game is played." - Lou Holtz

Today is a special day to me because it is Coach Lou Holtz’s birthday. He is one of my favorite coaches, leaders and is someone I consider a mentor.

This week’s #steeltoesrequired is dedicated to Coach Lou – someone who is not afraid to step on toes to get his players out of their comfort zones and into their greatness zones.  May you receive value and may you be spurred to reach your greatness zone in the spirit of Coach Lou Holtz.

Coach says, “Every game is won before the game is played.” This quote highlights the importance of preparation before the game day, the big project meeting or whatever other goals you place in life.  No one “wins” or achieves success simply by showing up on game day.  Showing up is important. You can’t win if you don’t play but you won’t win if you show up unprepared.  Everybody wants to win but not everybody is willing to put in the work to prepare for winning. 

How do you prepare for winning your “game?”  It all starts with your attitude.  A sorry attitude towards your task at hand will prevent you from focusing on the things you need to do on game day.   If you get your attitude right, then the next step in winning the game is planning.  All the positive attitude in the world will not help you if you fail to plan on how to win your game.  Flying by the seat of your pants may work out for you occasionally, but it is not a sustainable action plan for long term success in sports, the boardroom, or anywhere else. The third key to prepare for victory is that you must see and believe you can win.  You can have a positive attitude, put together an air tight game plan, covering every scenario to help you win, but if you don’t believe you can win and can’t visualize success – then you will lose.

 Your actions follow your beliefs every single time.  If you don’t believe you can win, then you won’t. It’s just that simple.  Once you have these three in place (attitude, planning, see and believe), then you execute on gameday by giving your very best effort. 

If you do these few steps to prepare for your gameday and give your best effort then you are likely to win. Why? Preparation to win builds confidence. Confidence fuels belief.  Belief builds trust in the game plan and is a direct result of your positive attitude.  It’s time to prepare for your victory.

Happy Birthday, Coach Lou Holtz!

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Have a winning attitude this week, Steel Toes Tribe!

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