What You Want


“Everything you want is far closer than you think.” – Rich Litvin

What do you want?  This is a question I ask people all the time. It’s a simple question that, once answered, opens the door to possibility.  It is also a question that can paralyze you.  For example, have you ever been to a restaurant and looked at the menu?  Sure, you have.  You peruse the different drinks, appetizers, entrees, desserts, and specials.  You look at each page, wondering what to order. You see one of your favorite dishes, but you also are in the mood to try something new.  The server comes to take your order and you are asked essentially, “What do you want?”  How do feel in this moment?  The server is waiting patiently for your order. In this moment of indecision, do you feel pressured?  I have.  Deciding  what to eat at a restaurant seems like a silly thing to get anxious about, but it happens.  When you are faced with so many choices, you can become overwhelmed.  Not everyone experiences this.  In fact, there are people who treasure the idea of having so many choices or options.    

Life is like a restaurant menu.  You have many different options and choices before you.  Whatever you want is there for you to have. You can’t have everything on the menu of life. You can have what you want if you are clear on what it is you want and are willing to pay the price to have it.   Do you know what you want?

What you want in your career?

What do you want in your life?

What do you want in your finances?

What do you want in your faith?

What do you want in _____? 

Everything you want is closer than you think, when you are clear in what it is you want. How can I help?


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