Three Questions


“Everyone you meet asks three questions mentally...” – Lou Holtz

One of my favorite people in the world is Coach Lou Holtz.  He is an amazing leader, coach, and man.  His autobiography, Wins, Losses and Lessons has made a huge impact on me since reading it nearly 10 years ago.  Its pages are filled with wisdom, humor and fundamental truths he has followed, making him the successful man he is. Coach Lou Holtz has an incredible gift of profoundly impacting others through simple truths. This week’s quote is a perfect example.  He says there are three questions everyone we meet asks themselves about us:

  1. Can I trust you?
  2. Are you committed to excellence?
  3. Do you care about me?

Think about each of these questions. 

How many organizations would love to have leaders who they can trust, who are committed to personal and professional excellence and who they know cares about the organization? How many sales are you missing out on because the people don’t feel they can trust you?  How many personal, professional, and even global problems could be solved simply by people being trustworthy, committed and caring?

These questions are answered with a yes or no. They are answered in a moment, based on a first meeting or “first impression,” and you may never get another shot to make a great first impression.  The way one answers these questions determines if you get that job, make that sale, get accepted into that college or fellowship program, receive that grant, get time with that mentor, make the team, etc. 

Every leader must ask these questions of the people they lead.  The people they lead are asking and answering these questions about them. 

Are you looking for a way to grow as a leader, or to grow your team, or enhance your organization’s culture?  Start by asking and answering these questions with yourself and team.  Be open for feedback from others and accept itAsk for forgiveness and how to make things right.  Make the necessary corrections and adjustments that will align you to being trustworthy, committed to excellence, and known as caring for others.

How will you apply this to your life and leadership today?


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