The Strongest Armor


“Faith. It’s the strongest armor a human can wear.” – Og Mandino

When you think of armor, what do you see?  Do you see a medieval knight on his horse, riding fiercely into battle – with his sword glistening in the sun?  Since Marvel’s Avenger movies are the topic of the entertainment world, maybe you envision Captain America adorned in red, white, and blue armor and holding his famous shield.  What about the idea or concept of faith? Did faith appear anywhere in your thoughts about armor?  I confess that faith did not appear in my imaginings, but it should have.

In our quote, faith is described as the strongest armor we can wear. It’s not just any armor.  American football players and baseball catchers wear forms of armor for protection, as do first responders and the military.  The armor they wear is built to protect their lives in the event the are in harm’s way – from a multitude of dangers. These types of armor are without question life-saving and strong, but faith is the strongest armor of all.

What makes this faith so strong?  It represents complete trust in one’s self. It is a belief that what you set out to do, you will accomplish.  It is loyalty to being and doing what you set out to be and do.  Faith is the inner drive that fuels your “action engines,” propelling you in pursuit of your dreams, goals and desires. 

Faith doesn’t stop in the heat of battle, nor does it retreat. It moves forward, knowing the obstacles ahead will not deter it from reaching its destination.

faith armor

The Bible describes faith as “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  (Heb 11:1)  It’s a belief in your calling and purpose, even though there is no current evidence to back up your belief.  Faith moves forward into enemy territory, advancing on its goal. Faith is not worried about failure but focused on its objective.  Faith says I believe and therefore I will conquer.  Faith walks forward boldly and courageously.  Faith doesn’t listen to all the critics and prognosticators about the likelihood of winning.  Faith acts.

Faith comes from within and is born from inspiration. With each step of faith, comes a strength that is on the verge of supernatural.  Supernatural faith moves mountains.  When all the evidence screams impossibility, the person with faith ignores the evidence screamed by the majority and whispers to their soul, “I know I can because I have seen it and accomplished it my mind 1,000 times already.  Let’s go.”  This is the faith that is stronger than armor. This is the faith that inspires others. This is the faith that leads to transformation. 

What kind of faith do you have? How strong is your armor?

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