The Script for Your Life


“Your favorite scripture will become the script of your life.” – Mark Batterson

My number one core value is faith.  Scripture plays a significant role in who I am and is infused in everything I do. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that I share this particular quote, but truly, Mr. Batterson’s thought is new to me. My favorite scripture is the script for my life…  Could this be the missing link for finding our purpose or calling? Could it be a major clue in the quest for making a significant impact with our lives?  This thought has gripped me since I read it.  The reason this has gripped me so intensely is because of the potential impact it could have on your future and mine.

I love being a personal and executive coach because it puts me in a space where I am being used to help someone in life changing ways. Coaching helps in discovering purpose, breaking through limiting beliefs, overcoming obstacles and solving complex problems. All of these translate into personal and professional transformation. People oftentimes long to discover what they were designed to do or to discover their life’s purpose.  The coaching process provides a safe place and space for this discovery to take place.  While the struggle to find one’s place in this world is, I believe, a natural and instinctual desire, it also is usually not simple.  No one wants to live a life that doesn’t matter. We all want to matter to someone and to make a difference.  Finding our place can be frustrating at times.  As we age, we wonder if we are wasting precious moments of life because we are not where we are supposed to be.  Taking time to reflect on our favorite scripture might just give us the clarity we yearn for, in order to work intentionally towards fulfilling our destiny.

How, you may be wondering, does our favorite scripture help us discover our purpose?  First, there is a reason the scripture is a favorite.  What is that reason? There is an underlying theme the verse speaks to. What emotion does reading this passage evoke? What is it that makes this verse so powerful over the thousands of other verses? Once you have discovered the theme, through answering these questions, think about where you have seen this theme in your history? What events or moments come to your mind when you think about this scripture theme?  Where do you see this theme when you look into your future?  This scripture is preparing you for the bigger story ahead of you and is a reminder of how it played a factor in your past. 

If you don’t have a favorite scripture, consider which verses always stand out to you when you read them. Then, go through the questions I mentioned earlier and look for themes. 

If a scripture doesn’t come to mind, then think of a quote or a passage from a favorite book, poem, song lyrics, or a movie – you get the picture.  

I pray that you will grow more aware of who you are, so you can become the person you are meant to be.


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