The Power of Passion


“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” - Oprah Winfrey

Welcome to the last days of 2018. As you finish this year, how energized are you right this moment? Are you ending 2018 filled with energy and excitement for what lies ahead in 2019?  Maybe you have a few resolutions ready. Maybe you have a list of goals or have written out a life plan.  These are all helpful for moving toward reaching your full potential but I think Oprah is on to something here.  She said, “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”

While they can indeed be useful, resolutions, goals and life plans are rendered useless if not accompanied with your passion for seeing them come true.  No vision board, audio affirmation, quote on an index card, accountability partners, or coaches can help you achieve anything unless you are passionate about what you are doing.  Passion is a secret weapon for giving you heart, courage, boldness and perseverance to pursue your goals and dreams in 2019 and beyond.  Setting the right goal without passion is like buying the right car and putting the wrong kind of fuel in it. Your car won’t run well, no matter how good it looks.  So, having the right goals, no matter how good they sound or look, doesn’t mean you will complete them – unless you have the drive to accomplish them.   

Thinking about the goal is important but feeling the power, the adrenaline rush of pursuing what excites you is “why” of your goal.  Why are you setting these goals in the first place?  Answer your why and you fuel the passion for achieving your what.

I can remember visualizing the finish line as I trained for my last 26.2 mile marathon.  In every training run, I zoned in on what that marathon finish line looked like and how strong I felt sprinting across it.  As I slugged through the pain and suffering of training, I embraced the feeling of joy, the fire, the power and the energy that I wanted to feel finishing on the big day. I trained for 12 months to run the race I wanted at the pace I wanted.  What do you think happened on race day?  Exactly. I felt the joy as I ran a personal best time, sprinting to the finish line and feeling strong. I was overwhelmed by my passion that day as I executed my goal to perfection.   This is only one example of the many times passion fueled the accomplishment of my goals. Without passion, I wouldn’t have finished the marathon.  Without passion, I wouldn’t have flown in an F-16. Without passion, I wouldn’t have retired from the U.S. Air Force…. The list goes on.

What about you?  Do you have the plan but lack the passion to go get it?  Do you have the what without a why

Find what excites you, says Oprah, and focus on it.  That is where your passion is and where you will find your energy too.  Set goals and dreams that excite and inspire you. Otherwise, you may find yourself at the end of 2019 wondering why you ran out of gas and did not accomplish them.  

May 2019 be the year of great achievements in your life.


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