The Best You


“The best make everyone around them better.” – Jon Gordon

When you are the best you that you can be each day, you inspire others and influence them to be their best, too.  John Maxwell calls this the “Law of the Lid.”  When you raise your lid and grow yourself, those under your spheres of influence grow with you.  It’s a natural chain reaction.  In order to transform those around you, you must begin with you first.  Transformation starts with one person.  When you focus on your personal excellence, it becomes like a virus…it becomes contagious. Others want what you have, especially when they see the results of your pursuit.  Those people in your spheres who are repelled or not attracted to your pursuit of excellence and personal growth are likely to leave your team and frankly, it’s probably time to cut them loose.  They are not adding value to your team, but instead weighing you down.

I immediately think of sports icons from my days of watching basketball.  Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan made everyone on the basketball court better because of their commitment to be the best players on the planet.   

You don’t have to be the best player on your team to make everyone better.  Not every team’s captain is the star or leading scorer of the team. I remember seeing a commercial of one NBA star saying that he was not a role model. Another player is famous for dismissing the value and importance of practice.  Both players are considered NBA all-time greats and in the Hall of Fame.  Their attitudes tell me from the surface that they did not make those around them better except on the scoreboard and the win-loss columns.  They were their team’s best players but were they the best influencers on their teams? Did these two Hall of Famers bring out the very best in the rest of the team? 

inspire others

What does your best look like to you? 

Who in your life makes you hungry to be your very best?  Who is that influencer that when they stay late to finish a project, you are compelled to stay with them until it’s finished.  You don’t stay because it makes you look good or it makes you feel guilty. You stay because this person is giving maximum effort to make the office better.  They are committed to excellence and there is a flavor in their life and work that makes you desire to be better too.  

Do others give their best effort day in and day out when you are around?  Know this – people are watching your example. They are assessing whether you are the real deal or not.  You are being watched and in some cases, mirrored.  Take a look at those around you in your offices, teams, and organizations.  What would others say about your influence on that team?  Are they their best when you are there or do they perform at their best when you are gone?  The best make others better, period. 

Be the best this week by adding value to those around you.  Take your team to the next level by raising their game.  Set the example of greatness by giving it to those on your team.

Go be great this week,

Coach LaRue


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