Spoken With Love


“If I speak with human eloquence and angelic ecstasy but don’t love, I’m nothing but the creaking of a rusty gate.” - Bible (1 Corinthians 13:1, MSG)

I recently read an article that claimed the ability to communicate is one of the top soft skills required for success. Since it’s been said that public speaking is the number one fear for most people, that makes sense.  Those who can speak in front of others, and communicate effectively while doing, it have found a way to become successful.

A properly spoken word is powerful.  Think back to moments when you received an encouraging word from someone that influenced you. What was it about the word or conversation spoken to you that made a difference in your life? For me, it was when the other person spoke in a way where I knew I was valued.

In other words, I felt loved.

Loving others is the secret to not only communicate with people, but to connect with them in a way that is unstoppable and transformative. When I say loving others, I mean you are thinking about them when you are communicating. Your concern is for their well-being. You are giving them your time, energy, and attention, as well as thinking about the very best way to add value to that person when you speak with them. 

spoken with love

Several months ago, I was speaking to a class of 5-6th graders as part of a team. Our team leader really set our team up for success by helping us understand the community and the kids in the schools.  All I thought about was how much I cared about each student and how best to share a message of hope and encouragement to inspire them to dream big.  I wanted each student to know that they were loved and that I believed in them. We had a magical session together because everyone in the room shared their dream with excitement. They laughed with each other, supported one another and I could feel their hope growing.  But there one was student, sitting in the back who caught my attention.  As I told them how valuable they were; how their teachers cared for them, I could see all them smiling and glowing. When I expressed with all my heart how much I loved them and believed in them, this student in the back was smiling too, but with tears rolling down their cheeks.  There is power in words, but when they are given in love, they are life-giving and life-changing.

Do you really want to make impact in the lives of your family and the people around you?  Love them from inside and your words will express that outward, leading to transformational impact


Words alone are powerful, but when filled with love, they are unstoppable.


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