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“When I leave this Earth, I want to leave empty.”  – Anonymous

Recently, I heard someone say, “when I leave this earth, I want to leave empty,” and it resonated deeply with me. Everyone wants to know that they mattered to someone in this life – that their lives made a difference.  Doesn’t everyone dream of doing great things, making their mark in the world or leaving a legacy where they are talked about for ages to come? Who wants to get to the end of their life and say that they still had more in their tank? It’s like running a race in cruise control mode.  Crossing the finish line, you find yourself still full of energy and telling the other runners, who are bent over gasping for air, that you could have run all day.  The reason you could have run all day is that you didn’t give your best effort.  You jogged. There are no “do-overs.” You can’t run the race again.  You did not give it your all.  Frankly, if you didn’t give it your all the first time, what makes you think you would do anything differently if given another opportunity?

running the race

There is only one life.  That’s it.  Welcome to your wake-up call.  You have one race to run in this life. Today is your day to run that race with maximum effort – more than you’ve ever before given.  It’s time to quit waiting for the last mile to kick it in gear and pass a few runners at the finish line.  It’s time for you to start running a serious race.

What does “leaving the earth empty” or being spent mean? It means giving all that you have to give. Everything you have and everything that you are came from God and when you leave this earth empty or spent, you will not have held on to anything because what was given to you had been meant to help others and that’s what you did with it.  Soak on this paragraph until you get it.  All that you have isn’t yours to hoard. It was given to you to give to others.  “When you exhaust yourself of these gifts and invest in others you are not really empty but rather, you are full.” 

What gifts have you been given? 

Who are you investing them in?

When will you start investing in others?

When will you go all in running your race?

Leave this life spent, yet full of the joy and peace that come from having given everything you had to help as many people as you could to become the best versions of themselves.

That is a life well spent.

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