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"Our problems are not due to a lack of information or education but in application and execution.” – Dennis LaRue Jr.

Think of the last problem you worked through or one you are currently working through.  What was the source of the problem?  Was it from a lack of information or education or was it information that you had but failed to apply and take action on?  

We are in a time where we have access to more education and information at our fingertips than at any other time in human history.  Search engines such as Google and Yahoo, Wikipedia, ebooks, internet news sites, blogs, and millions of personal growth and self-help sites are within your grasp.  Of course, let’s not forget the libraries and bookstores with old fashioned books, magazines, newspapers and other resources to keep you informed.

 According to sources I found using Google, there are over 5,300 colleges and universities and over 132,000 K-12 educational institutions in the United States alone.  We really have no excuses in this department. We can’t claim a lack of information as the cause for our problems.  If we don’t know how to do something, we can google it. We can skim through YouTube videos for an exact step-by-step demonstration for nearly anything.  Don’t forget that we can also ask for help instantly, using text messages or going to social media sources.  Using  “lack of education or information” as an excuse is truly an indication of not wanting to learn or know the information that could solve the problem.

I know, I know… information and education alone do not solve problems. It’s the application of the information and the actions taken to correct, prevent and/or solve the problem that are crucial.  You see, knowledge may be power if we are competing on Jeopardy…, but applied knowledge that is acted upon is the true power source for living a transformed lifeApplied information is where we find wisdom. Wisdom is what we are to strive for more than wealth. Wisdom is what is worth passing on to others. Facts alone are just that – facts that we memorize.  How many facts have we memorized that have absolutely zero practical application?  Facts have their special place, but wisdom is never out of place, and is always on time, just in time, and useful for all time.

Wondering how to solve your problems? Take a moment to do an inventory, using information and education as the starting point, then ask yourself how to apply what you are learning to make a difference in how you are living.

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