Procrastinators Unite


Episode 63 - December 16, 2018

“Procrastination is an act of self-hatred.” – Robin Sharma

I once saw a t-shirt that said, “Procrastinators of the world, unite…tomorrow.”  I admit that I laughed at the saying and have used it over the years to generate a few chuckles from my friends.  In all seriousness though, earlier today I was looking at my phone, trying to find an image to put into this blog… and I ended up spending 20 minutes of my valuable time looking for images.  I then went on to checking social media links and avoiding writing this blog.  The struggle is real.

Procrastination, if we are honest with ourselves, is really no laughing matter at all.

Robin Sharma’s quote hit me like a 2×4 upside my head and a dagger to my heart.  So, I took a deeper look. It was as if I had invited procrastination to coffee, in order to discuss and ponder its many faceted sides.  I found it to be quite ingenious in the way that it frequently disguises itself as productivity. Did you catch that?  When we procrastinate, we may be doing something that is productive. Hmmm.  It’s got you thinking too, doesn’t it?

In my life, procrastination often masquerades itself as one of the five things I do every day to help me reach my full potential.  I have noticed that it likes to show up in the forming of reading.  I read every day.  I love to read, but when procrastination shows up in my life in the form of reading, reading goes from productive to seductive.  I am tempted to avoid the work I should be doing, in order to enjoy reading a book that is much easier work and makes me feel better in the moment.  Procrastination is like chocolate covered poison. It tastes great at first but is deadly to your productivity and your life. How often do you cave in to the desires to put things off later that you should be doing now? What is a “good” thing procrastination disguises itself as in your life?

Procrastination and I are no longer friends. I no longer use the mantra, “I work better under pressure.”  Negative stress caused by not following a plan or putting things off is not “working better under pressure.”  It is a lack of self-discipline, self-control, focus and passion.  The product or service you hastily put together may be your “best” at the last minute but is it the absolute best product or service you could have delivered?  You rob your customers of the quality they demand and service they deserve.  Worst of all, you rob yourself from giving the very best of you, which is truly an act of self-hatred, leading to regrets. 

End the relationship you have with procrastination today.


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