Prioritize Your Purpose


"Let your purpose prioritize your life." - John Maxwell

Life can be hectic. As I write this, it is Sunday night, the calm before the Monday storm of continually growing my business with a focus on impacting lives.  Many of you reading this will be into your Monday work routines. But let me ask you this question, what is your Monday routine based on? What is the basis behind what you do?  Who drives your daily and weekly agenda?

These are simple questions but hard to answer when we really dig deep within ourselves to answer them.  I suspect for most people the answer to this question will be that your boss, your employer, your ______  is the answer. I suspect very few of you would say your purpose determines what you schedule.  

“But Dennis, I have bills to pay. But Dennis, you can’t prioritize your life on dreams when you have bills to pay.” That’s the excuse of people afraid to pursue their purpose.  Your mind will make up every excuse in the book, present every fear imaginable, and present in vivid color the worst-case scenarios to prevent you from being the person you were designed to become.  How can I make these bold statements?  Because I have experienced all these excuses first hand every time I take steps forward toward fulfilling my purpose.   I have also caved in to those excuses more times in the past than I care to admit.  Those days and those excuses hold no more power of me. How much power do these excuses still have over you?

Your mind is designed to keep you from being uncomfortable.  It’s designed to be your robot that warns you of danger every time it gets a little out of its comfort zone. In order to fulfill your purpose, you have to get uncomfortable and stay in that state.  Your daily agenda should be designed to challenge you to pursue your purpose not avoid with busyness.

Evaluate your schedule right now.  What does it say about you?

What are your priorities? What’s your purpose?  When will you synchronize the two together?  It’s your life…and you only get one.  How will you live it?

As an executive and life coach, helping you answer your purpose and living it out is my purpose.   One of the things I do to help you move forward in finding your purpose is set time on my schedule just for you.

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Do it today - make it a priority.


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