People Smarter Than You


“Don’t be threatened by people smarter than you.” - Howard Schultz

Have you ever felt those nagging feelings of insecurity and inferiority when in a room where people were smarter than you?  Have you, like me,  felt like you didn’t belong?  I remember back in high school when I took on the challenge of not being the smartest person in the room.  I signed up for an advanced class that was going to challenge me  – and the students in the room were the ones competing for the highest academic honors in the school. I was intimidated without question.  Who was I to think that the guy known more for his running ability and class clownery belonged in room full of future Ivy-Leaguers?  That was my mindset at the time, however, I swallowed my pride and attacked this limiting belief head on. 

To this day, I remember how hard I worked in that class -the hours of study, preparing for these tests and being challenged daily to grow into a serious student – and it panned out.  I wish I could tell you I never had another issue academically and continued to grow as a serious student but my first year of college is a sharp reminder that it’s all too easy to get complacent after a few victories.

Fast forward to today, many moons past those so called “glory days”. I no longer fear smarter people. I seek them out constantly and consistently because “Success leaves clues.”  To reach your full potential, you have to be in places where your potential is tested, exercised and expanded.   You need to purposely put yourself with others who will take your thinking to new levels. 

What about joining a mastermind group? These are groups designed to take your thinking to the next level in your life, business, health, finances, and more.  Their focus is on growing you and themselves through a spirit of collaboration rather than an intellectual competition.  When you challenge yourself in a mastermind, you will experience exponential growth as a result.  I know this because I have experienced the power of the mastermind as a participant and as a group facilitator. 

When we are threatened by others who are smarter than we are, we tend to avoid them. They make us uncomfortable and we become intimidated. We might even be jealous.  Instead of avoiding these people and groups, join them.

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and stay there. One exceptional way is to join a mastermind group.  To join one of my mastermind groups, email

It's time to get out of your comfort zone and stay there.


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