People Matter


You can’t make another person feel important in your presence if you secretly feel they are a nobody” – John C. Maxwell

No matter how hard you try, if you secretly do not value people, you are unlikely to make them feel valued in your presence. People hear your words of praise and admiration, but they feel your respect or disrespect.  Being kind and polite to people is one thing but talking badly about them behind their back is another. Your true self will show eventually.

Leaders, every member of your team is valuable. I remember while growing up, playing every sort of team sport imaginable.  I was pretty good at sports in my neighborhood, so I got to be the captain when it came to picking teams.  As captain, I usually picked the people that were normally chosen last.  I knew they weren’t the best athletes, but I also valued them as friends. How would you feel if you were the last pick and the team you were defaulted to groaned when you joined their team?  Would you want to play all out for that team captain? Most likely, you would feel dejected, rejected and want to go home. I wanted my team to know that I believed in them and that they were important.  In those moments, though I was a kid myself, I wanted my team to feel special. I wanted them to have fun on the field. I knew they would play hard because they knew they mattered.  Can you image what they thought after we won a game and they went home for the day?  What were they feeling? What were they thinking? Did they tell their parents they were picked first and won the game?  Did they fall asleep with a smile on their face recalling the day? 

How important is your team to you?  What are you doing to show it?  Every person is made in the image of God and is important.  Secretly despising others reveals a rotten root to be removed from your character. There aren’t any nobodies in the world. Treating people as if they don’t matter reveals that you have forgotten what it means to love and serve your neighbor.  Take time to reflect on your character in this area this week. 

If people matter, how will you demonstrate it today?


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