“God doesn’t say oops.” – Dabo Swinney, Head Football Coach, Clemson Tigers

You were made for a purpose.  You are not a mistake.  There is a reason for you to be who you are, where you are, doing what you are doing.  How do I know this?  It’s simple. God made you and he doesn’t say, “oops.” 

Why is this thought important?  It’s important because, too often, people wonder if they are in the right place. They ask themselves if they took the right job offer.  They stress over the what ifs and second guess themselves when it appears nothing is going right.  Some will go so far as to wonder if they missed the “will of God” for their lives. 

I can imagine God, right now, sitting in the luxury box of heaven, looking down on us, and watching our lives play out. His hands are clenched tight in anticipation of our next big decision. Will He cheer with approval as if we scored a touchdown or will He slump his shoulders, groaning as if he must alter his game plan for our lives?  I can also imagine God acting as a coach, wanting to signal for a time out to give us time to think things over before we make the big decision because this one is for the win.  Whatever it is that God does in those moments after we make choices, I believe He has you right where he wants you…and… 

God doesn’t say oops.

We do.

No matter how much time we spend painstakingly planning our lives, running our businesses, developing our team’s game plans, or even going on family vacations, we will make mistakes.  For instance, how many times have you left your house, driven to the end of your block, and had to turn around because you forgot something important?  How many times have you studied game film, watched your opponent play every team in your conference, knowing what plays they call in certain game situations, and then, when one of those game situations happens in your game, you still called the wrong play to counter? How many times do we make mistakes and respond with “oops,’ “I’m sorry” or “my bad”?  We strive for excellence in all we do. Even with the best intentions and actions, we still mess up.

Be encouraged because “God doesn’t say oops!” 

Our Oops is His opportunity! 

He turns our messes into miracles.

He takes our “Uh Oh’s” and makes them “Ah Ha” moments.

God uses our messes to make us more aware of who He is. His perfection fuels our faith. We can go forward with confidence knowing He doesn’t make mistakes. He works all things together for our good.  We may not see the good in the moment, but God doesn’t make junk or mistakes. He has a plan for you and is working it out each day before your eyes.    

Keep moving forward.


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