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If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much. - Jim Rohn

What do you want?

Thought leaders everywhere ask this question all the time.  It is a simple question. It’s a deep question.  It’s a question I wrestle with from time to time and perhaps you have also.  The next question that normally follows this line of discussion is – if you could do anything you wanted and money was not an issue, what would you do? – another thought provoking and imagination generating question.   Are you stuck trying to answer these questions?  Are you putting off answering these questions until later?  Are you, perhaps, completely avoiding answering these questions? 

I confess to you that for a long time, as an adult, I was one who got stuck when trying to answer these questions, even though as a child, my imagination ran wild about it.  I wanted to be a sports broadcaster. I wanted to be a professional athlete. I wanted to make millions of dollars and be interviewed on television because of what I was doing as an athlete… the list goes on.  By the time I reached adulthood, I found that I had lost that creative edge and imagination.  Those dreams as a child were replaced with the daily grind of living in the real world.  I had a job. I had responsibilities. I had no time to dream.  What happened? I was living life according to a plan that I developed by default instead of by design.  I listened to others who said I should do this, go there, do that, attend this event, etc.   What I am finding out now, after all these years, is the profound wisdom in this quote. 


my plans

Don’t’ let others do your life planning for you.  Control what you can control.  While people generally have each other’s best interest at heart, they are not responsible for planning your life.  Jon Bon Jovi, the great singer, said it so well, “It’s my life. It’s now or never…I just want to live when I’m alive.”  You have to plan your life for you.  No one else can or will plan your life in a way that will maximize you or your potential.  No one. You are uniquely made. You are designed for a life completely different than anyone else.  So, take the control stick of your life and design the life you want instead of accepting the one you have.  Make your life a work of art like one you would spend hours staring at in an art gallery.  Design it in a way that wows you. It puts you in a state of awe and wonder.  This life will energize you with excitement. 

Where should you start in this process of life planning?

  1. I recommend John C. Maxwell’s book “Put Your Dreams to The Test” to start. This book will take you through a series of questions to clarify your dream. 
  2. Journal what it is you want in your life. Brainstorm in your journal. There are no wrong answers here because it is your life.  See the life you want. Feel what it should feel like. Use all your senses and emotions and put it down on paper.
  3. I recommend you invest in a life coach. They are trained to have this kind of conversation with you. Coaches create a safe place for you to dream and explore the possibilities in your life. They are not there to judge or convince you to follow their life design.  Coaches help you sort through your ideas and brainstorm with you to spark your creativity, all with the purpose of helping you get clear on the life you want. Feel free to contact me here.

You have one life to live. Jim Rohn is right. No one is going to plan life for you unless it fits within their plan. Their plan will not maximize your potential, nor will it be the one that is best for you.

It’s your move.  The ball is and has been in your court and the game has started. 

Will you pass the ball and continue living life by default or take it to the basket and score the life you want?  You decide.


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