Leadership is Influence


“You can spend your life quoting world-changing influencers, or you can become the world-changing influencer who people quote.” – Andrew O’ Brien

POW!  As someone who writes a weekly blog and does videos based on world-changing influencer’s quotes, this one resonates with me on a deep level.   This quote is a challenge to us to step up to new levels. This quote inspires me to be more. This quote is not about growing our ego or getting a big-head.  It’s a call to action – to step into our unique greatness that lies within.  It’s an inspiring, butt-kicking, toe-stomping statement designed to unleash us into the world during this time, this day, this hour and this moment. Why? It is for you and me to make a lasting and significant impact.

The world is a big place with billions of people to influence.  Influence is leadership. Leaders stand out from the rest of the crowd.  We read, listen, memorize, quote, tweet, like and share their words to those around us because of their influence. We follower these influencers for wisdom, how-to, daily motivation, guidance, and because we recognize them as authorities in their areas of expertise.  The purpose for these influencers sharing this wisdom is not to be some meme on social media, but rather to encourage us to learn from their experience and go apply it to those in our own spheres of influence in order to make a positive difference, which grows their influence and ours.

Leaders share so we will grow into the influencers we were meant to become. Andrew’s quote was shared in a Facebook Group for Veterans called Vetprenuer Tribe. When I read this, it encouraged me to get busy impacting the world around me.  Look at your favorite influencers.  What’s the message that you are hearing from them?  These influencers are life-long learners and doers.  That’s why they are influencers.  They learned from other great influencers and became influencers.  Now it’s your turn.  You have been invited to do the same with your life.  Will you answer the call?  I’m all in.  Can you say the same? What’s keeping you from becoming a world-changing influencer?

Where do you begin?  Start by telling your story. It’s easy to use someone else’s story because we have a hard time telling our own.  Why?  Perhaps, it’s because we don’t believe our story is very exciting. We downplay our story because of the amazing ones we see and hear about all the time in venues like social media.  News alert – your story could have the same impact if you would start telling it.  There are people who need to hear and learn from your experiences – both positive and negative.  The way you tell your story is up to you because it’s yours

Some of you reading this may not want to be global influencers.  Let me ask you this, when you die and everyone is attending your viewing, how will you be remembered?  What stories will others tell about you as they remember you?  Let this question and quote be a catalyst for you to start writing the story you want to be known for in the future – today. Legacy is not just for global legends. 

We will all leave a legacy, but will yours be one worthy of quoting?


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