Impact Eternity


"Mentors impact eternity." - John Maxwell

When I read this quote, the one word that comes to mind is “legacy”.  I believe that everyone wants to know that their life means something.  I also believe we all want to know that what we did and who we are made a difference to others.  This isn’t based on any scientific research or study, but rather, it comes from people I’ve had conversations with over the years.  Legacies made here and now impact the future and ultimately – eternity.  Mentors have this ability.

Mentors are “trusted counselors and guides,” according to Webster’s dictionary.  They have traveled the road of life – cutting a path for others to follow.  Mentors have experienced the highs and lows of that life, acquiring a level of wisdom and insight to effectively change the lives of those who would follow in their footsteps.

Mentors come in all shapes, sizes and professions.  If you are reading this blog, you are a mentorParents are mentors. Siblings are mentors.

What is your career expertise? What are you most known for?  Congratulations, you are a mentor.



Mentoring is not another program to add to your already crammed schedule. It’s an intentional relationship to help others become who they were meant to become by sharing the wisdom, lessons learned, bumps and bruises, resources and insights that helped you become the person you are.  Mentoring relationships truly impact eternity.  When you take the time to pour into another life, you will forever alter the direction of that life.  Read biographies and see for yourself the impact mentors have.  Think back to your own life to date.  Who has had the most significant impact in your life? 

Mentors mentor others.  Return the investment others have made in you by returning that investment.  That’s where you impact eternity. Your investment in a mentoring relationship continues the legacy of the ones who mentored you.      

Whose life will you invest in and forever impact?


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