History or Destiny


“You’re feeding your history or you’re feeding your destiny, but you can’t feed both.” - Joel Osteen

This quote is fresh and piping hot like a loaf of bread from the oven – I heard this quote just this morning during Joel Osteen’s weekly broadcast titled “Sleep On” from Lakewood Church in Houston. 

Click here for the YouTube link to view the entire message.  

This was a positive, faith-based message about fulfilling your purpose and how this could likely  involve letting go of the discouragers in your life, in order to add more room for encouragers on your journey.  Who you listen to is critical in your quest to reach your unique purpose because, “You’re either feeding your history or you’re feeding your destiny, but you can’t feed both.”  In other words, where your thoughts go, your focus goes. Where your focus goes, your actions go also. 

Everything you do is a result of how you think.  Are your thoughts focused on your past or toward your future?  Are your thoughts leading you down the road of past failures – those “would’ve, could’ve, or should’ve” moments?  Don’t these past reflections lead you to feelings and emotions that hamstring your progress?  Do these trips into the past have you singing Bruce Springsteen’s “Glory Days,” while drinking a six-pack of your favorite drink or weeping in regret?  Honestly, I go back more for the “Glory Days” than the sorry ones.  What about you?  


When you go back to the past, which moments are you considering?   Whether good or bad, we are taking precious time and space from our current reality and future shaping destiny to instead fuel our history.  History is good for remembering lessons not to repeat and to celebrate a few benchmarks when we are stuck.  When we are stuck in our past, we forfeit progress today, thereby negatively impacting the future.

This sounds so simple. What you feed is what grows. You reap what you sow.  “You’re feeding your history or you’re feeding your destiny, but you can’t feed both.”  The truth is that the fundamentals are that simple.  We make things harder and more complex than things must be. 

What are you feeding with your thoughts – your history or your future?  It’s your choice which one you want to grow more. You can’t feed them both.  

You can’t feed them both.


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