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“The way to enter my God-given destiny is through the door of focus, which can be opened only with the key of sacrifice.” – Ryan Hall

Ryan Hall is a two-time Olympian and the US record holder for the half-marathon and marathon.  He describes his journey of running and his faith through his brand-new book entitled, “Run The Mile You’re In.” (You can find it here on Amazon)  As a runner and also a person of faith, I have followed Ryan’s career closely. His wisdom inspired me to train and run both of my marathons.

Ryan’s quote, “The way to enter my God-given destiny is through the door of focus, which can be opened only with the key of sacrifice,”  takes us on a mindset journey of an elite performer.  No one achieves elite status in any area of life without the three things he mentions in his quote.  The three things I learned from Hall is you must have a sense of purpose, a focus toward achieving your purpose and make necessary sacrifices to fulfill your purpose.

Having a sense of purpose 

I believe most of us have a desire to make a difference with our lives.  I also believe deep within most of us is a burning hunger to be, do and have more.  I believe all of us struggle with questions like:  What was I made to do? Why am I here? What is my calling?  These are great questions to wrestle with. Great questions lead to great answers.  Have you answered these questions for your life?  What answers have you discovered?  Once you answer these questions, you get a sense of direction, purpose, freedom, and excitement.  Answering these questions will help you get out of bed when you don’t feel like it.  Your purpose will give you a path to follow and help keep you aligned which leads to…


Without a sense of purpose, it’s hard for us to stay focused.  Today we are bombarded by distractions of all kinds.  When we lack purpose, we are tempted to follow distractions because we lack the awareness and filters to determine if something is a distraction or a positive step toward our destiny.  When you have clarity, it leads to focus in your activities.  When you get clear, you realize that you have some decisions to make, leading to…


Sacrifice sounds like a scarcity word because it means making giving up something to be, do or have something else.  The word sounds harsh and cruel.  You may even bristle up at the word like my dog use to when he had to get medicine. He would show his teeth, snarl and snap his head and teeth.  How snappy are you when you make a sacrifice?  We get snappy and irritated because we think we are giving up something more valuable that we are currently attached to because we haven’t experienced the potential benefits of the choice we are moving toward.  Sacrifice is more about your mindset.  Ryan had the right mindset when he said, “If you think about it, it’s not a sacrifice to act in a way that will improve yourself.”  Can you say the same about the sacrifices you need to make to become who you are meant to become?

How’s your sense of purpose? 

Are you focused? 

What sacrifices or choices do you need to make as a result of your pursuing your purpose? 

I suggest you journal through these questions.  They will give you a sense of clarity.  For you who are clear on your purpose, use this is a vector check to ensure you are in alignment with that purpose. 

Make time in your schedule to reflect on these questions and journal your answers. May you find new levels of awareness and answers as a result.


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