Clothed in Potential


“We are all born naked into this world, but each of us is fully clothed in potential.” - Emmitt Smith

You have no EXCUSE for not living to the fullest expression of yourself.

Notice, I did not say that you don’t have lots of “excuses” for why you are not living to become the greatest version of yourself.  Everyone has excuses for why they didn’t get that promotion, didn’t make that team, didn’t get that job, failed that test, or gave up on that dream.

Excuses are a way for us to logically convince ourselves that we did everything we could to avoid getting uncomfortable enough to pursue greatness. 

Excuses reduce your dreams of greatness to the complacent world of “being realistic.”  They squelch the hunger of our souls longing for the impossible by reducing our desires to accepting nothingness.

Instead of living out their potential, many settle for becoming bench warmers in their own lives.  Sitting passively in the stands, they cheer on others who are pursuing greatness. They cheer when others make great plays and they groan and feel the pain of the moments they falter. 

Some will have the audacity to critique those who falter as if they were authorities on the subject of life.  Funny how those who are not willing to pursue their own potential will take the liberty to tell others how to pursue theirs. 

For those of you sitting in the stands, get in the gameYou are fully clothed with potential to be great. What are you waiting for?  You have a fire inside of you that is dying to be released. Stop holding yourself back and start pushing yourself forward. 

Life isn’t waiting for you. It’s leaving you behind. 

The worst thing I can imagine is knowing that I didn’t give life my very best. Running a race and having too much energy at the finish line means I didn’t put all my effort into the race. 

Are you running the race of life at pace that is too easy? Are you cruising through it?  If so, you are not reaching your potential. You are wasting it.  Life was never meant to be wasted. 

At your funeral, how will you be remembered?  Will it be as someone that made the most of life? Will it be as someone who lived a life worthy of remembering?  Will your dreams applaud you because you accomplished them? Will the final visitors you see before you leave this world be the unfulfilled dreams you never started? 

Your potential was a gift from God at birth. It’s time to thank Him by doing something with it.


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