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“Time is a choice.” – Laura Vanderkam

Time is a precious commodity.  Often when I ask people what they wish they had more of, their response is either more time or more money.  I’ve said to myself recently that I wish I had more time.  What makes time so valuable is that the moment we are born, the timer of life starts counting down. Each day you have is a gift with no guarantees of a next one. What you do with this gift called today and how you spend it is your choice. 

“Time is a choice.”

What would you do with more time? If God were to miraculously give you one extra hour today, how would you spend it?  Would you push yourself to the limits on that big project at work? Would you catch a little more sleep? Some may use that hour on that home project or maybe indulge in your favorite hobby.  Some of you might watch an extra episode of your favorite show or go to a movie.  Some of you might spend your time with friends and family. May I ask you a question? 

What’s stopping you from getting that rest, relaxation, fun, family time or working on a project with the time you have available in this day?

“Time is a choice.” 

If today were to be your last, what did you do with the time you had?  What choices did you make today that you wish you could take back? Will you leave this world with regret because of things left undone or unsaid?   

Time stops for no one.  The clock is ticking.  Your day is moving at the same rate as everyone else. Look at your calendar. What is your coming week filled with?  Who are you choosing to spend time with? The greatest investment you give to anyone or anything is your time.  What changes do you need to make with the prioritization of your time?

“Time is a choice.”

Thank you for spending time with me today. Bless you.  

Invest your time wisely.


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