Analysis Paralysis


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"Action Brings Clarity"

Have you ever said you were stuck or thought that you didn’t know what the next steps were in your pursuit of an objective or goal? Maybe you have discovered what it means to have “analysis paralysis.” Analysis paralysis is a dreaded disease caused by overthinking. It happens when you play in your mind every possible scenario to your plan – think Dr. Strange in the Avengers Infinity Wars. Instead of giving you a direction to take, it leaves you emotionally spent and stuck without a clue of what course of action to take. This thinking becomes so complex that you make things harder than they really should be. Have you ever experienced this? It’s certainly not pleasant and it leaves you feeling that you haven’t accomplished anything. When I experience this, I feel like I am running on a treadmill, something I do not enjoy, at high speed, with no change in scenery and feeling exhausted! That is what stuck feels like. You feel like you are doing a lot of thinking and burning a lot of energy but getting nowhere. Recently I heard Paul Martinelli, the President of The John Maxwell Team, say, “stuck stinks” and I completely agree.
I am guilty of worst-case scenario thinking, analysis paralysis and staying inside my head too long at times. I confess this to you. I’m not perfect. This quote “Action Brings Clarity” is a simple reminder that I hope will help you today.

Notice that clarity comes after taking action.  The closer you move toward something, the closer it moves towards you.  When you are stuck, you are not moving toward anything nor is anything moving towards you.  There is a difference between being stuck and pausing.  Stuck happens when you stay too long in pause mode. Pause deceptively turns into complacency. Complacency turns into stuck. Stuck then turns into a permanent residence or a grave.   Pause happens when you strategically rest to look at your direction, assess gains, make purposeful tweaks to your plan and make sure you are aligned to where you want to go. 

How do you get out of being stuck?  Simply take action on what you know to do in whatever area of your life where you are stuck.  Talk to a mentor or friend who has been in your shoes that can give you a fresh perspective.  Contact your coach, who will ask you the questions and draw out from within you the answer and then the action to why you are stuck and how to get unstuck. Once you get moving, you will gain more awareness and clarity on your path. 

Where are you stuck? 

What area of your life do you need a coach to give you a push and get you out of the ditch and back on the street?  

How can I help you reach the next levels of clarity on your journey to excellence and personal development? Take action and contact me today.


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