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I am delighted that everyone who goes through  any of LDR’s programs knows they are getting powerful coaching and leadership development which propels them into being the best version of themselves.

Dennis R. LaRue, Jr.


It thrills me that everyone investing in our executive coaching services knows they are receiving a unique transformative experience leading to personal and professional growth.

Before I created LDR, I served in the United States Air Force for 23 years solving manning problems for senior leaders with out-of-the box thinking, affecting Congressional level programs and the Air Force portion of the Presidential Budget – some pretty deep stuff…

Then came the time to say goodbye to the Air Force. Many military members in my position fail to plan what their lives will be like after their military career ends. Those military members who do plan, tend to trade their “boots for suits” and enter Civil Service.

I began realizing that my military leadership, mentoring and “soft skills” training had actually positioned me to be a critical resource for C-level executives and government leaders to lean on and to meet coaching needs for all levels of their organizations. I was also discovering the power that one-to-one coaching relationships have on a leader’s personal development.

So I decided to create a powerful one-to-one coaching experience for executives, providing them the opportunity to have a “safe zone” – to give them a unique sounding board or thinking partner who is independent from day-to-day operations. Executives operate in a high stressed environment (much like the military). Creating a “safe zone” environment provides an executive a place that promotes authenticity and transparency while preserving confidentiality.   

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined…                                                                                                                                               

Most executives recognize the value of coaching – some even provide coaching for their company employees. However, not all executives invest in coaching for themselves. ***Some think that being a leader means that you must have it all together. The perception of “coaching” to some senior leaders is that admitting the need for help could be perceived as a sign of weakness.  Investing in a coach is not a desperate cry for help – it is a wise decision to add critical support focused on your growth as a leader and improving your organization.

Since I launched LDR Executive Coaching, I’ve witnessed first hand the impact coaching has had on my clients.  Many have reported a reduction in stress, a more fulfilled and balanced life and an increase in company profits.  Everyone needs a coach but not everyone one is ready for one.  Are you ready for a coach? A thinking partner? A safe-zone sounding board?

Are you ready to grow in ways you never thought possible?

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